Keep photos together

Group and manage your photos in a shared photo collection with friends and family.

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A social photo library

ReSnap photos, videos and live events together with others and create the most complete photo library ever imagined.

Private sharing done right

Group and privately share bundles with friends and family of a vacation, a night out, a birthday party, your pet or just everyday life.

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Create a gorgeous shared photo collection

Privately share bundles with friends and family. Everyday life, vacation, a night out, kids. A bundle can be about anything.

"It's a great app. It allows me to be social with family without handing over data to Facebook. I like it."

Cesar, Salt Lake City

100.000 free ReSnap Books

That’s right! We are giving away 100.000 beautiful 48 page soft cover books. Created in under 5 minutes and delivered within 3-5 business days. Wow, tell me more!

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NewAccess your photos anywhere

Sasha and John’s vacation to the Malediven

All their photos grouped in one beautiful shared photo gallery and easily shared.

A better way to manage your photos

One photo app
to rule them all

ReSnap keeps all your memories safe in one place where you are in control.

  • Privately share bundles with friends & family.
  • Be in control of your photos and privacy.
  • Add photos from your Digital Camera to ReSnaps.
  • Your moments safe and securely backed up.
  • Available for iOS and Android.

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Kan geen foto's vanuit Google

Helaas....had graag deze app gebruikt op basis vd positieve reacties. Maar ik kan met deze app alleen foto's binnenhalen vanuit de Camera roll op m'n tel Facebook Of Dropbox. En ik gebruik Google foto's Dus helaas op zoek naar een andere album maker.

Mis de oude bundle !

Helemaal ruk na de nieuwe update 'resnap' rangschikking is niet fijn en erg jammer dat er niet meer gereageerd kan worden op foto's


Easy to use and for free. Great to share photo's with any group; friends, family, work. Highly recommended.

Bad Printing

Zo slordig!I got the two photo books but they were printed in a wrong format with soft cover. It is not what I ordered below! Please provide return address and telephone nr. I will send them back! Please refund the money also return post cost! BR Guo

Keep photos together

Group and organize your photos and create a shared photo collection with the onces you care about.

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